Lark Landing B&B
217 County Road 119
Florence, CO 81226
Phone: (719) 784-3813

Breakfast Options

Breakfast is a big part of the B&B experience and we strive to make yours memorable, as well as yummy. The evening before, just fill out your menu card and mark your preferred time and location.

Here are three fun options for you to consider:

  1. For maximum privacy, enjoy our signature Breakfast-in-a-Basket delivered piping hot to your room. The previous evening, we set your table overlooking the river, either in front of the windows or on your own private deck the choice is yours.
  2. Feeling sociable (or just curious about your hosts)? Join us for breakfast in our dining room or on our west deck depending on the season and the weather.
  3. Adventurous? When the weather is nice, have fun with our outdoor Surprise Breakfast and leave the location to us. We choose the spot and show you to your seats at the appointed hour. It could be along the banks of the historic Arkansas River . . . or under the trees, hobnobbing with the ducks . . . or beneath the cottonwoods overlooking the lovely East Garden. Wherever it is, your table will be resplendent with fresh flowers, snowy linens, fine china . . . and a breakfast to remember!
Enjoy a charming breakfast in your room overlooking
the historic Arkansas River (below) . . .


. . . or perhaps at a Surprise Breakfast location
chosen by your hosts
in this case, along the riverbank.
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