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  Birds Galore - Right Outside the Door
Year round, the birding is fascinating!

Spend a thrilling weekend oohing and aahing over the wonderful birds that make their home along the Arkansas River. Regardless of the time of year, youll see (and hear) myriad species of these winged wonders - right here at Lark Landing.

Because we lie within a major migratory fly-way, spring, of course, is the best time for bird watching. Nevertheless, winter also affords good viewing because this area is the turn-around point for certain migratory species, such as the robin. In addition, because of the relatively mild winters, some birds, such as the red-winged blackbird, stay all year. And, as most bird aficionados know - this is home to the awesome American bald eagle.

Heres a partial list of and the best times of year to view our feathered friends:

Year Round: Meadowlark, Little Blue Heron,      
Flicker, Magpie . . .


Summer: Violet-Green Swallow,      
American Goldfinch . . .



Late Winter: American Bald Eagle,     
Merganser, Wild Turkey. . .



. . . Spring: Phalarope, Snowy Egret, Green
                 Night Heron, Cinnamon Teal



. . . Fall: Quail, Canada Goose, Ring-Tail



You can bird-watch up and down the Arkansas River . . . or stay put and see your feathered friends as they visit our pond . . . or gaze to your hearts content from your room. Our spacious carriage-house guest suite overlooks the river and features a pillow-top queen size bed, a double sofa-bed, and private bath. A spectacular second-story deck above the water affords a perfect "viewing stand," while a small kitchenette set-up allows you to prepare your own snacks and light meals.

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